Speak Up. Self Portrait. Acrylic. (2015//20)
'Portraits From S1' (2020) was a group exhibition at S1 Artspace in Sheffield, as part of the S1 Studio Takeover. The exhibition curated by Philip Lee exhibited work from 5 artists, Philip Lee, Maria Marinou, Loukas Georgiou, Jack Weller, and Jessica Taylor
The exhibition itself explored 5 different perspectives of portraiture, ranging from more traditional practices portraying physiognomic likeness, to exploration of inner self identity, relationships between life and death, and our relationship with technology and social media.
   Self Portrait. Acrylic applied with sandpaper. (2011)
The exhibition also involved a live participatory piece titled Make Your Mark which invited visitors to mark a canvas in anyway they pleased, acting as a collective portrait of the visitors to the exhibition. 
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